A two-day Warhammer 40,000 narrative event and charity fundraiser.

June 25+26, 2016

Philadelphia, PA


The Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts (PAGE) and Redcap's Corner Gaming Emporium introduce a new Warhammer 40,000 narrative event:

What: LibertyHammer, a 40k
narrative tournament
When: June 25 + 26, 2016
(sign-up for one or both)
Where: Redcap's Corner,
downtown Philadelphia
How: $25 per player per day
For: Donating proceeds to the
Free Library of Philadelphia

The event features:

Check out all the event details on this page:

There is also a Facebook event page to follow:


Proceeds from LibertyHammer will be donated to the Free Library of Philadelphia. Though the city's public library system, and one of the largest in the nation, the Free Library is operated as an independent organization. Over half its funding comes from contributions, gifts, grants, and fundraising events.

The Free Library

We've chosen to support the Free Library with this event because of its role as a critical public repository of stories and knowledge, and its extensive efforts toward literacy and learning. Every year the library runs thousands of events and services, and reaches tens of thousands of people to teach literacy, develop skills, and promote culture and reading throughout Philadelphia and for all ages. In addition, Charity Navigator rates the Free Library very highly, with an overall score of 91.63/100 for financial effectiveness and governance transparency.

The Free Library has meant so much to me throughout my life. Some of my earliest memories are going to our neighborhood branch every week with my mom and siblings. All those books, all that science fiction and non-fiction I read, were the foundation of my career, let alone my life and love of stories and learning. So I'm happy that we can do this small thing to give back, and to help others learn and enjoy reading as well.
- tjkopena, lead event organizer

Neither PAGE, Redcap's Corner, the organizers, or this event have any formal relationship or approval from the Free Library of Philadelphia. We're simply happy to support their programs and efforts independently.


At least $10 of each player registration fee will be donated to the Free Library. In addition, each day of the event we will be conducting a raffle for 40k and other miniatures gaming items, with all proceeds donated. Tickets may be purchased on-site, in addition to being awarded for games. Raffle items contributed so far include:

Space Wolves Stormfang Gunship
Ravenwing Dark Talon
[ Colin Kielick ]
Space Marines Assault Terminators
Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard
[ Brian Hulley ]
Adeptus Mechanicus Kataphron Destroyers
[ John O'Connell ]
[ Tom McCole ]

If you have any items you'd like to donate to the raffle, please get in touch! We would be happy to highlight any shops, companies, and organizations that do so. Items should be reasonably related to 40k or miniatures and new in box (e.g., models) or mint condition (e.g., books). Got a great model in your closet that you'll never get around to assembling? Put it in the raffle and find it a good home while helping out the Free Library of Philadelphia! We are also interested in gift cards or similar, and potentially in exceptionally painted models or scratch builds and conversions. Drop us a line!


LibertyHammer is a Warhammer 40,000 narrative tournament, with a heavy focus on the narrative. There are small prizes, but the event is about building a shared storyline, team strategizing, the tale of your army and characters, and just plain fun games. It's a campaign, but one that runs for two concentrated days so it won't peter out, and has a satisfying narrative arc. On the flip side, it incorporates positive aspects of tournament play, such as well defined missions and partially skill-based match pairings.

PAGE runs many of these kinds of events, and have put a lot of thought and experimentation into narrative tournament design. We hope you can join us for this one!

PDF covers and drawings from PAGE 40k narrative artifacts.
Artifacts from some of our major past, present, and future 40k narrative arcs.


Individual players and doubles teams will be organized into alliances, working together toward strategic goals in the LibertyHammer storyline. Players participating both days need not field the same army or factions, or even be in the same alliance. Conversely, there is no disadvantage to you or your alliance for participating in only one day, either the start or the end. Each is mechanically self-contained and has its own narrative conclusion, with the two days connected purely through the overarching storyline.

Each round within the days, the alliances will alternate putting forward an attacking player/team and their mission objective, either a narrative outcome or territory control. The other alliance then responds with a player/team to defend and a table on which to do so. Both might be subject to some constraints. E.g., players with very mismatched win records cannot be paired if at all possible, to prevent gross mismatches in skill. Permissible tables might also be constrained by the particular attack. In any case, the players in each alliance have to collectively make these decisions to advance their strategic plans, and then they have to actually win games to carry them out!


Players can also expect to receive covert missions to work toward alongside their primary missions, gaining benefits for their alliance if they achieve the secret victory conditions. You might also be the beneficiary of strategic resources won by your alliance in earlier rounds, allocated by the team to tip the scales in tough matchups.

All told, these events are a fun, storyful way to embed great 40k games in a larger team, strategic, and narrative context. We're not ready yet to reveal the LibertyHammer backstory, but stay tuned for teasers and sign-up to be part of the story!


Registration for each day of LibertyHammer is $25 per player. At least $10 of each entry will go to charity. Lunch is included in registration for each day. Doubles partners register together for Sunday, only one player each need sign-up. We have space for 32 players (16 teams on Sunday). Reserve your spot today!

Saturday, June 25
Your Primary Allegiance
Primary Allegiance is what type of army you will most likely field. It is purely informational for our planning, and is not binding on you or indicative of alliance. Feel free to change it after registration, and know that your alliance teammates will not necessarily all be fluffy 40k allies.
Sunday, June 26
Your Primary Allegiance
Your Partner's Primary Allegiance
Your Partner's Name
Your Partner's Email Address

Our registration is processed safely and securely by PayPal, but a PayPal account is NOT required. At checkout you may simply use a credit card instead.

Primary Allegiance in the form above is what type of army you will most likely field. It is purely informational for our planning, and is not binding on you or indicative of alliance. Feel free to change it after registration, and know that your alliance teammates will not necessarily all be fluffy 40k allies.

If registering other people, e.g., signing your doubles partner up for Saturday as well, just provide their name and email address in the notes box presented in checkout.

Registration is NOT refundable, but is transferrable. Contact the event organizer(s) if you have any questions or difficulties with registration..


LibertyHammer is two days, June 25 and 26:

June 25
1000pt individual games, 4 rounds
June 26
1000pt/player doubles games,
3 rounds

Players may register for either or both days (registering as a pair for Sunday). Each round opens with an update on results from the previous round, alliance war councils to discuss strategy and team decisions, and team-based strategic match pairing. The individual games on Saturday will play for 1.75 hours, and the doubles games on Sunday for 2.5 hours. Detailed schedules are as follows.

Saturday, June 25
Time Activity
09:00 Doors Open
10:00 Briefing + Councils + Pairings
10:45 Round 1
12:30 Lunch (on-site) + Councils
13:00 Pairings
13:15 Round 2
15:00 Councils + Pairings
15:30 Round 3
17:15 Dinner (on your own)
18:15 Councils + Pairings
18:45 Round 4
20:30 Briefing: Outcomes + Prizes!
21:00 Pack Up
22:00 Doors Close
Sunday, June 26
Time Activity
09:00 Doors Open
10:00 Briefing + Councils + Pairings
10:45 Round 1
13:15 Lunch (on-site) + Councils
13:45 Pairings
14:00 Round 2
16:30 Dinner (on your own)
17:30 Councils + Pairings
18:00 Round 3
20:30 Briefing: Outcomes + Prizes!
21:00 Pack Up
22:00 Doors Close


Like most PAGE events, LibertyHammer is graciously hosted by Redcap's Corner Gaming Emporium at their Powelton Village location, just off the Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania campuses in downtown Philadelphia:

Redcap's Corner
Powelton Village
3850 Lancaster Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(215) 387-4040

Recently moved to a newly renovated site, Redcap's Corner's Powelton Village store features a large space and purpose-built tables dedicated to miniatures gaming, with substantial additional space for card and board game events. All of the major miniatures games currently on the market are carried at this location, so drop on by to finish filling out your LibertyHammer army!


There is generally ample street parking in the immediate vicinity. Please heed signage, and note that Lancaster Ave itself is metered on Saturdays but not Sundays.


Both event days include an on-site lunch in registration. Dinner is on your own. There are a number of options in easy walking distance within the immediate vicinity of Redcap's Corner. We will have a map available at the event with recommendations.


Draft rules for the event are as follows. These are subject to change, but will be finalized well in advance. Scoring metrics and sample missions will also be posted shortly.

Army Composition

The following army composition rules apply to both the individual and doubles games:

No other requirements or constraints are placed on detachments, formations, or force organization. An optional Quick Reaction Force detachment is made available for this event, described below. Doubles gamers, note that partners treat their teammate's armies as allies of convenience; this and other doubles-specific rules are below.


Forge World units and armies eligible for standard Warhammer 40,000, i.e., not Apocalypse, are permitted. Units and armies from Forge World's Horus Heresy Age of Darkness books are also permitted.

All up-to-date, official Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Darkness army sources are permitted that are available in current publication. This does include White Dwarf entries, which are available via back issues, and current campaign books. It does not include limited edition dataslates and formations, e.g., those included in mega-bundles. Contact the event organizer(s) beforehand about any questions. Remember that you must have all sources on hand.

For any codex or supplement re-released within two weeks preceding the event, players may choose whether to use the old or new edition. They may not use both editions of a single source within the event, e.g., allying old with new.


Models need not be painted, but painting scores will be applied to overall standings to reward finished armies, in addition to a seperate painting and hobby competition.

Models must be WYSIWYG, but identifiable and thoughtful conversions and proxies are welcome. Indistinguishable or confusing proxies are not permitted. Contact the event organizer(s) beforehand with any questions.

Quick Reaction Force

Players may optionally employ a Quick Reaction Force detachment in their lists, defined as follows.

Force Organization

An army may only contain a single Quick Reaction Force detachment.

All units in the detachment must have the same faction, or have no faction.

The detachment is comprised of units from the following battlefield roles.

HQTroopEliteFast AttackHeavy SupportLord of War

A Quick Reaction Force detachment must include one Fast Attack and one Heavy Support choice. It may include up to three selections in one of those roles, but must contain one and only one selection in the other role. I.e., the detachment must adhere to one of the following options, excluding dedicated transports as usual:

Command Benefits

The following advantages are granted for utilizing this detachment:


Each player must bring typed, printed copies of your army list for event staff and their opponents. Saturday's gamers will need 5 copies, and Sunday's players 4 each.

You must have an official, legal, complete physical or digital copy on hand for all army, unit, and other sources you are using. You should bring printed copies of relevant pages of any electronic sources. Don't forget errata and FAQs for your sources, available from Games Workshop's Rules Errata webpage.

You must bring any dice, templates, and markers needed to facilitate playing your army.

Core Gameplay

The following rules apply in all LibertyHammer games.

The Invisibility psychic power is amended to be:

Invisibility is a blessing that targets a single friendly unit within 24". While the power is in effect, enemy units shooting at the target unit do so at BS 1, and in close combat will only hit models of the target unit on To Hit rolls of 5+.

For any failed 2+ save that may be rerolled, the reroll only succeeds on a 4+.

Objective markers may be controlled or contested by models/units up to 3" horizontally from the side edge of the marker and 6" vertically from its bottom face. Markers should all be the same size (typically equivalent to a 40mm base).

Other FAQ clarifications are collected on the PAGE 40k FAQ page.

Individual Gameplay

The following rules apply in the individual games on Saturday.

Matches will be on 4'x4' boards.

Doubles Gameplay

The following rules apply in the doubles games on Sunday.

Matches will be on 4'x6' boards.

Both players in a team select and field their own separate army lists. Regardless of factions, teammates consider their partner's units and models to be allies of convenience to their own army. In addition, both players on a team nominate a warlord for themselves as usual, thus each pair will have two warlords in play.

Results rolled by a player on the Warp Storm table (Codex: Chaos Daemons) do not affect their teammate's army and models unless specifically dictated by the table, i.e., other Chaos Daemons or marked Chaos Space Marines.

In the psychic phase, a single D6 is rolled by the current team to determine the base warp charge from which each of the four players generate their own individual pools, applying the usual rules to their own models. Players all use their own warp charge pool; teammates cannot combine or share warp charge. Either opposing player with models on the table may attempt to deny the witch, caveat that if a specific unit of enemy models is targeted, their player alone may attempt to block the spell.

Units may not shoot at close combats even if none of their player's units are engaged.

Teams are not eliminated unless there are no models of either member on the table.

For all other gameplay purposes the combined forces of a team are considered a single army comprised of multiple detachments, and the team considered a single player for all rules except when specifically distinguished by the missions here. How units belonging to different players in a team may interact are thus governed by the rules for allies of convenience, on page 126 of the main Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.


LibertyHammer is more a campaign than a tournament, in addition to a charity fundraiser. But we will be recognizing stellar game play and hobby skills with small prizes. As participation permits, a portion of the registration fees will go toward store credit prizes at Redcap's Corner, awarded to:

No player may win more than one of these prizes. In that eventuality the lesser award will be bumped to the next highest ranked player in that category.

In addition, players will be given raffle tickets for each game:

Major Victory31
Minor Victory21
Draw 1 + 1


If you need to contact the event organizer(s) directly, please email:

Our forums are the place to talk strategy, lists, or getting involved behind the scenes:

For update notifications and chit-chat, follow on Facebook:

Killa Kanz + Beyond!

PAGE also runs many smaller 40k events throughout the year. Check out our 40k gaming page for info on upcoming organized events or material from those past, or hop on our forums to start getting involved in the club.

For another big PAGE/Redcap's 40k charity event, mark your calendar to watch for our Killa Kanz 40k food drive tournament in November. The inaugural 2015 Killa Kanz had twenty players, gathered almost 500 cans for Philabundance, and was a ton of fun and a huge success all around.

Redcap's Corner also has open 40k gaming every Thursday evening, with a solid group of regulars from beginners to lifelong veterans and even one or two national-level players. Join their 40k Google Group to get in the loop about 40k there.

A shout-out also goes to the Berks PA Wargaming Club, which holds several excellent 40k charity events throughout the year, mostly just west of Philadelphia. Most notable are their very popular Spring Assault in April and Winter Blast in January, both casual tournaments. We love playing in those, and you will too!

Don't forget to sign-up for the first ever LibertyHammer, and hopefully we'll see you at these other great activities as well!