A two-day Warhammer 40,000 narrative event and charity fundraiser.

June 22+23, 2019

Philadelphia, PA


The Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts (PAGE) and Redcap's Corner Gaming Emporium are happy to continue their Warhammer 40,000 narrative:

What: LibertyHammer, a 40k
narrative event
When: June 22 + 23, 2019
(sign-up for one or both)
Where: Redcap's Corner,
in West Philly
How: $10 per player per day, all to store credit prizes
Charity: Collecting donations for the
Free Library of Philadelphia

The event features:

All the event details are here on libertyhammer.com:

Follow the Facebook event listing for updates and discussion.


Though separate from registration this year, we'll once more be collecting optional donations at the event to the Free Library of Philadelphia. The library system is an important public repository of stories and knowledge, and conducts numerous literacy and learning programs. It is one of the largest in the nation, but over half its funding comes from donations and grants. The Free Library means a lot to us and many many thousands of people every year, so join us in supporting its efforts!

Neither PAGE, Redcap's Corner, or the organizers personally have any formal relationship with the Free Library.


LibertyHammer is a Warhammer 40,000 narrative event. It's about building a shared storyline; team strategizing; the tale of your army and characters; and fun, casual games. Players and doubles teams organize into two alliances, fighting for our lead characters Lord Cyrus and Lady Arsica in our ongoing Darian Sector storyline. Each round the alliances make collective decisions about targets, missions, strategic resources, and pairings.

Missions are drawn from our great packet of scenarios: Crashed shuttles are recovered, convoys are ambushed, refineries are drained, and many other thematic objectives sought. Some players may also receive covert side missions toward special benefits for their alliance. Monsters, lootable equipment, hazardous areas, and other special effects may also be encountered on our marquee terrain. In addition, players build a reputation over time, earning Fame or incurring Infamy through their heroic or notorious acts throughout the course of the campaign.

Players participating both days need not field the same army or factions, or even be in the same alliance. There is no disadvantage for participating in only one day, each is mechanically self-contained. The two days connect purely narratively.


Our story began with Lord Cyrus issuing a call to arms to prosecute dark claims against Lady Arsica, governess of the obscure, remote Darian Sector. The lady in turn rallied her supporters in defense of her dynastic home. After years of fighting, Lord Cyrus' claims have proven justified and Lady Arsica been revealed as a secret disciple of the ruinous powers. Cyrus himself however is lost in action and the worst feared as his forces continue to try to gain traction. Whole planets are engulfed in flames as the war grinds on. Only you can decide the fate of the Darian Sector!


Registration for each day of LibertyHammer is $10 per player, all toward store credit prizes. Doubles partners register together for Sunday---only one player on each team need sign-up. Online pre-registration is via the Redcap's Corner website:

Registration will be accepted on-site if spots are available; Sunday will likely sell out.


LibertyHammer is two days, June 22 and 23:

June 22
1000pt individual games, 4 rounds
June 23
1000pt/player doubles games,
3 rounds

Players may register for either or both days (doing so as a pair for Sunday). Each round opens with an update on results from the previous round, alliance war councils to discuss strategy and team decisions, and team-based strategic match pairing. The individual games on Saturday will play for 1.75 hours, and the doubles games on Sunday for 2.5 hours. Detailed schedules are as follows.

Saturday, June 22
Time Activity
09:00 Doors Open
10:00 Briefing/Rules + Councils
10:30 Pairings
10:45 Round 1
12:30 Lunch Break + Councils
13:00 Pairings
13:15 Round 2
15:00 Councils + Pairings
15:30 Round 3
17:15 Dinner Break
18:15 Councils + Pairings
18:45 Round 4
20:30 Briefing: Outcomes + Prizes!
21:00 Pack Up
22:00 Doors Close
Sunday, June 23
Time Activity
09:00 Doors Open
10:00 Briefing/Rules + Councils
10:30 Pairings
10:45 Round 1
13:15 Lunch Break + Councils
13:45 Pairings
14:00 Round 2
16:30 Dinner Break
17:30 Councils + Pairings
18:00 Round 3
20:30 Briefing: Outcomes + Prizes!
21:00 Pack Up
22:00 Doors Close


LibertyHammer is graciously hosted by Redcap's Corner Gaming Emporium, near the Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania campuses in West Philly:

Redcap's Corner
Powelton Village
3850 Lancaster Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(215) 387-4040

Redcap's Corner features a large space and purpose-built tables dedicated to miniatures gaming, with substantial additional space for card and board game events. All of the major miniatures games currently on the market are carried, so drop by to finish filling out your LibertyHammer army!


There is generally ample street parking in the immediate vicinity. Please heed signage, and note Lancaster Ave is metered on Saturdays (not Sundays).


We'll be coordinating a group food order on-site both days; please bring cash to participate. There are also a number of options in easy walking distance.


Army Composition

These army composition rules apply to both the individual and doubles games:

Warlords, Warlord Traits, Relics, and Psychic Powers are all chosen in advance as part of your army list and therefore the same throughout each day. Random selections are determined at the start of each game.

Matched Play requires that armies be Battleforged and all units in an army share a faction keyword, but see below about doubles partners. Players participating Saturday and Sunday do not need to use the same list or faction(s) both days.


Models need not be painted, but we highly recommend at least color spray priming models. That's cheap, fast, and easy, but makes a world of difference to the visual look of games and your opponents' enjoyment.

Models must be WYSIWYG, but identifiable and thoughtful conversions and proxies are welcome. Indistinguishable or confusing proxies are not permitted. Contact the event organizer(s) beforehand with any questions.


Each player must bring two printed copies of your army list: One to lend to each of your opponents, and one for yourself. You must have an official, legal, complete physical or digital copy on hand for all army, unit, and other sources you are using. Don't forget any errata and FAQs for the main rules as well as your sources.

You must of course bring measuring tape, dice, wound counters, and other tools needed to play your army. Tactical objectives cards are not needed.


Matched Play, Chapter Approved, and Beta rules will all be in effect.

Advanced terrain rules will be in use, with datasheets provided for each table. Saturday's games will be on 4'x4' boards and Sunday's on 4'x6' boards.


Doubles partners individually select two separate army lists. This means they do not have to share a faction keyword and both players have designated Warlords, Traits, etc.. However, named characters and relics may not be repeated within a team.

Teammates combine their forces into a single army once a match is arranged (opponents, mission, and table determined) and consider themselves a single “player” for all rules puposes from that point. Entailments from this include:

In missions that use alternating deployment and an exception to acting as one "player," teams will set up two units at a time, one from each player. If one teammate has fewer units, after they're fully deployed their partner sets up two units at a time.

The combined force is considered Battleforged regardless of faction keywords.


LibertyHammer is a narrative event, not a tournament. However, we will be recognizing stellar game play and hobby skills with small prizes.

All registration fees will go toward store credit as well as tokens or trophies awarded for the following titles, to a depth in each contingent on participation:

Prizes for Sunday's doubles event are awarded per team, except for the Remembrancer title. No player or team may win more than one prize per day, excluding the Remembrancer title. If that would occur, the lesser award will be bumped to the next highest ranked player/team in that category.


To contact the event organizer(s) directly, please email secretary@pagegaming.com

Follow the Facebook event listing for updates and discussion.

Redcap's Corner has open 40k gaming every Thursday evening, with a solid group of regulars from beginners to lifelong veterans. Join us!